What Unique TLEs Does TruSat Have?

In my analyses I use SeeSat TLEs (and also Space Track TLEs) to look at various satellites - and the ones that I am interested in almost always have infrequent updates. Most of the ones that I am interested in are not available from Space Track.

Probably most TruSat observations are also sent to SeeSat? Some objects there get observations but they are still sometimes not updated, I would like to see what the epoch of object 41941 TLEs are - if TruSat has any unique ones could I get them?


I don’t think TruSat was intended to be like Space-Track, where you will have a history of TLEs.
If you download the “Priorities” TLEs, you can search and find the latest on the object, which is old:
0 DSN 2 r
1 41941T 17005B 20114.45527824 .00000219 00000-0 15659-2 0 00
2 41941 20.4381 180.4506 7160751 277.3748 199.2991 2.30641064 04
Mike hasn’t used my latest obs yet (shocker!)
DSN 2 r
1 41941U 17005B 20154.11874473 0.00000300 00000-0 27230-3 0 02
2 41941 20.5116 162.4470 7232095 309.2277 6.3261 2.30657628 05
ISON ha a bit more contemporary one:
DSN 2 r 2.5 -3
1 41941U 17005B 20167.99050926 0.00000000 00000-0 00000-0 0 01
2 41941 20.6530 156.1020 7240690 319.9290 4.7889 2.30683886 -37

Brad -

I save a copy of the SeeSat list every week and have some software that parses the objects that I am currently interested in. As of a couple of days ago the latest 41941 epoch was 20154, and I have the 21114 epoch TLE as well. So the 20114 epoch is the latest that TruSat has? I also copy the ISON orbits (and fortunately the historical ones are always available) and combine those with SeeSat.

I will start copying the TruSat list as well and see what objects are in what lists - Priorities and Debris and most of “More” are available. I assume that “Undisclosed” is the SeeSat list and TruSat doesn’t publish them as a matter of courtesy. I can combine the TruSat and SeeSat lists and keep the unique ones from each.

As you point out, Mike uses observations when it suits him. I made a number of mistakes, tried options that did not work right at first and Mike decided that my observations were all bad. Then as I figured out the various right decisions I had to pester him to get him to look at newer attempts - I finally figured it out. TruSat also ignores my observations so I stopped submitting them.


Hi @CharlesHouston

You mentioned “TruSat also ignores my observations so I stopped submitting them.”

Do you mean that you submitted observations but they didn’t appear in your profile? I’m hoping to understand better in case I can help diagnose the issue.


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Mike -

Thanks for asking. This is NOT criticism, I know that you are all trying to make sure that you can pay your bills in the middle of a pandemic.

If you look on my profile you will see observations that appear to not have been processed - most of them are not usable to update an orbit. But I was working through a number of options for creating observations - how to get an accurate time, how to use Astrometry.net and SAO Image DS 9, etc etc. I posted notes asking for help - with few responses. I finally worked through all of my questions and Mike McCants agrees that my observations are good (he also didn’t help figure this out). I did stop submitting observations to TruSat.

If I was to submit observations now would TruSat look at them?

again, this is NOT criticism

Ah, I see. I’ll look into this and see if I can confirm that new observations are indeed being processed.

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Mike -

Also check that TruSat is keeping up with the CSpOC satellite database, that you are updating your files from theirs.