Usable, But Dim, Photo Of USA 281

It is possible to make slow progess! The skies cleared and I got a good, but dim, trail as USA 281 (Future Imagery Architecture Radar satellite) goes overhead. It is about 1/3 of the way up from the bottom and 1/3 of the way in from the left side. The trail is not bright but the image resolves in - I will submit observations tomorrow. One thing that I have learned is to question EVERYTHING - the camera was set for a 10 second exposure but apparently this is 6.5 seconds??

In the center of the image is the star Deneb and the trail is below that to the left.


Awesome!! Great to see, @CharlesHouston. We appreciate these updates you’ve been posting.

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I did submit two observations for USA 281 (object 43145) today - I hope I am getting closer to submitting usable and accurate observations. The last two that I sent to Mike McCants (on a different object) were good on cross track and the first was good on time. The second was further off.

I figured out that, even on my Nikon, a “ten second” exposure could be 6.5 seconds in duration! So on the first ones I assumed a longer duration.

I’ll see what TruSat and McCants say about these observations - in any case I need to work to get a better workflow. These take a lot of time and trips to several applications and web pages to get a few points.


@CharlesHouston Can you re-submit these IODs and use the new feature to “Add a Station” ?

Yes, will do (a little bit later tonight).

Done, it did not let me select my station on the second observation. Had to back out and do it a second time.