TruSat contributors

I am curious to know if external developers are contributing to the source code at I do see activity around PRs (all closed) however those could be from the core team alone.
Also are you considering gitlab platform which has a true “opensourceness” to it? not to mention its CICD capabilities.

Vikash Kodati.

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@vikashkodati - not yet, but we’re certainly open to contributions from anyone. We’re working on improving the state of our repositories to make it easier to do so.

May be its just me, but an informal workshop around the source dev and maint. could help with external contributions. For example I am interested in contributing but need to ramp up on the initial structure of the code which could take not an insignificant amount of time. May be a webinar around it might help.

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Many thanks @vikashkodati, this is a great suggestion and much appreciated!

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:-1: to gitlab. I contribute to projects on both github and gitlab, and the github experience is way more pleasant.

Good to know ChrisK. I am going purely by featureset comparison. Experiences, I believe can be iteratively improved in time, its the core principles that are important. In my organization I have evangelized gitlab for the same reason along with SourceGraph. They make a good pair, SG to produce quality code and GL to take it all the way through deployment.