TruSat Catalog in 3D

Hi. I posted this in the Discord, so please feel free to delete if it shouldn’t be in both. My name is Ted Kruczek (usually go by TK) and I run a small website called keeptrack. Mike Deal got a hold of me yesterday and introduced me to the project. My initial offer to help was to pull in the trusat_all.txt catalog and load it on top of my website. This would give everyone instant access to all of the features that I have spent 4 years developing, while utilizing only the TruSat catalog.

Here is my first crack at it, will definitely take some refining:
Note: That variable at the end is what gives you the TruSat version of the site, without it you just get my standard site with the USSF catalog.

Short background on me. I spent 5 years on active duty as a Space Officer working at a ground based radar. In 2018 I transitioned to the reserves and since 2019 have been working as a Radar analyst at that same ground based radar. I built keeptrack to automate a lot of the planning I did as a military operator and now I mainly work on it as a learning tool for military and civilians alike. Very excited to help with the project as much as I can. Please let me know if there is anything specific I can help with and I will continue to familiarize myself with the project tomorrow. Goodnight.

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TK - That looks great! We should chat, I started as a USAF orbital analyst in 1978 (at the Cheyenne Mountain Complex) and have done a lot of space stuff since then. Do you have any interest in tracking satellites (opticall or RF)?

I am very close to Boston and doubt I’d be able to do much with optical. Recently purchased myself a HackRF and would be interested in tracking via RF, but realistically it is going to be a bit before it bubbles up on the to-do list.