Test Pilots Training #1, 1 November 2019

Here are the slides presented at the first Test Pilots Training:

The Zoom Recording of the session (75 minutes, including ~20min of Q&A at the end) is at https://consensys.zoom.us/recording/share/zuZE0fkevGa69WuvR3eiPnCCRGdNZ8z-AfphQKwqyyqwIumekTziMw


I did not know that you could get RA and DEC from the Astrometry.net site - that will save a big step!

Astrometry gets it wrong sometimes. I was playing with a new camera and lens combo a little while ago and decided to analyze a random capture. That bright spot just happens to be Neptune.


@ckuethe Their website has a “report bug” option available on the results page, along with the comments field.

@interplanetary cool.

Perhaps I’ll file a bug if I can reproduce it on a different image, since that capture was mostly just trying to focus. I’ll have to print a hartmann mask for this lens, but whaddya expect from a $30 optic? :smiley:


I saw that, unfortunately the customizer doesn’t scale down to the wee little lens I’m using. It was easy enough to whack something together in FreeCAD… Cylinder with another cylinder and a few triangular prisms cut out of it.