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Here are the links to the tools reviewed in the webinar on 1 Nov 2019:

  1. HeavenSat -
  2. IOD Entry -
  3. ObsReduce -
  4. Sattools / Skymap -

Thank you for showcasing skymap from sattools at the webinar today. I wrote these tools to simplify the workflow for my own satellite observations, and never expected them to reach an audience this big!


Cees - I have looked at installing your software here on my Mac (I am fairly proficient with make, etc) but have not done it yet. It sounds like maybe the TruSat people will provide a version that is easier to install? I have done an app that formats observations in IOD format but have not gotten anything to submit yet. Now that we have a nice cold front I am gonna try to get out tonight and observe.

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@CharlesHouston I consider myself an expert-level compiler, and continue to be challenged by the collection of “lightly supported” libraries that @cgbsat has combined into and built upon for sattools.

Today I’ll be working on a “Docker Container” which helps make it cross-platform, and in many cases you could download it, update the config file for your COSPAR ID, TLE sources, and run with it… I’ll also plan on providing a “Docker file” so that you could rebuild it yourself if you wanted to.

Ultimately, my hope is that I can help @cgbsat and others port these tools into Python and other more “deployable” formats before too long. Some of the tools in trusat-orbit should help with that.

  • Do you know what “Docker” is?
  • Would you like to try using a pre-built sattools Docker container?

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At some point in time, it would be great to have a workshop on setting up the gear for observation and automating that too.


@vikashkodati What gear do you currently have to work with?

@interplanetary, When I lived in MN, there was a good community and infrastructure to go play-around and observe with really good gear. Celestron Mounts, Telescopes (Scientific ED80), Cameras and the corresponding software like SharpCap Pro. After moving to Seattle I have been trying to find similar places to play around but kind of not been a priority. I am interested in building this setup at home but needed equally enthusiastic company before I invested time and money.


OK - I’ve got a Docker build completed for Cees Bassa’s sattools/stvid environment. I’ve not completed the documentation related to setting it up - but if you already are familiar with Docker, I’d appreciate some trial runs from TruSat test pilots while I write up the documentation.

Send me a note if you’ve like to alpha test this.

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Here’s an article in with some tips for spotting the latest launch of 60 SpaceX Starlink satellites from satellite tracking virtuoso Marco Langbroek.

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