Secret code at login?

What on earth is the secret code at login? I got the activation email, followed the link and then when I try to login I am asked for email, password and a secret code. Nowhere did it say anything about a secret code. What have I missed?

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You should have received a activation email with the secret code in it. I used it once to log in, but it never worked after that. I have pretty much given up logging into the site.

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It didn’t seem to like being saved to a file, it came in the “Save this email: Recovery Info” message. I log in and it allows me back in for several days, then I come back and I am logged out. So I copy the geek code from the original email, paste it in, and it works.

I think they want us to use the MetaMask but I haven’t done that.

Did you get the “recovery info” email? I think that the title could have been a bit more clear.


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Hey @Finn

Sorry for the confusion.

I made a post here to help explain how a unique “secret” is created for each user to help verify their identity in TruSat -

I did another post here to explain why using MetaMask for signup/login is preferred - Making the case for signup/login to TruSat with MetaMask

Did you not receive a “secret” in the email you received after sign up?


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No secret code I,m afraid.

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