SatTools Docker container

Hi Test Pilots,

I’ve got a starter version of the sattools/stvid Docker environment set up for you to try.

If you are familiar with the command line, follow the instructions at the following URL to try it out:

Please leave feedback or ask questions in this thread.


I have looked at it and will try to get it running in the next few days. I have run Gpredict from MacPorts, and have some knowledge of Unix. Currently I use Gpredict on the MacBook Pro to plan the evening and use Orbitrack on my iPhone for camera pointing. I wonder if Sattools will do anything that Gpredict does not do?

Gepredict is designed for radio observers. The tools in sattools are designed for optical satellite tracking. Sattools has more than one tool, and depending on what you want to do, you’d use a different tool.

I have (finally!!!) gotten started on running this - am downloading/installing Docker Desktop right now. The directions seem pretty clear.

Hmmm. apt-get is not recognized, of course I understand the SUDO (super user do) command. So apt-get does not come with Docker? I will do a search or two.


@CharlesHouston - Sorry for the slow response on this. What platform are you running Docker on ? The apt-get references all should be INSIDE the docker container you build using the commands in the README.