InterSpace Asteroid Resources Ltd.
a Canadian corporation aiming to be Canada’s leading deep space exploration company profiting from space resources.

I’m looking to contact Planetary Resources
Where we can collaborate and profit together.
We look forward to hear from you,
Please email us
Call us 15145192755

Hi - Thanks for reaching out. Asteroid mining is no longer part of our near term roadmap, but we’d be happy to chat about anything related to space sustainability or the democratization of space!

Hi kim,
Thanks for the reply.

If there is someone I can contact for the opportunity to discuss long term future goals related to development for the purpose of eventually democratizing the outer space environment starting with public private partnerships…

Check out the beta version of our tool and let me know if you think we can partner. I’m working on a blockchain-based SSA system that could dovetail into your current work.


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One thing that TruSat is doing that I hope works - trying to get more people involved in tracking satellites. This increases the number of people who are aware of things such as satellites crashing to Earth, etc. This facet seems to be out of the CelesTrak mission statement?