Observation request - Arkyd-6A, Planetary Resources 6U Cubesat

Planetary Resources launched it’s Arkyd-6A satellite in January of 2018 - and while we ran a successful 2 month mission with many radio contacts, I’ve never actually seen it in the sky.

It is in a 487 x 502 km, 97.5° polar orbit, and from my observing site, is predicted to be visible to the north at relatively low elevations. As a small, 6U cubesat, it is likely to be 9th magnitude or dimmer - depending on its orientation.

In addition to spotting it optically for the first time, it would be also be interesting to know if its stable (perhaps in 3-axis, or 1-axis attitude control) or tumbling.

I’ll need to relocate my station to somewhere with a low elevation mask to the north in order to find this, but would be interested to know if others are interested in helping me try to spot it!



On it! Send good weather…