New TruSat Feature - Direct URLs to download TLEs

Hey everyone,

Up until today, those seeking to download the TLEs offered by TruSat had to visit and use the Download button on the Catalog page.

Now anyone can instead use these two public URLs to download our two TLE sets:

Simply visit either link, then choose File and Save Page As... from your browser options to download a .txt file. Note - I personally use Brave (Chrome) browser, but all browsers will offer the same functionality.

If you are familiar with the command line, you can also download the files directly via your Terminal with the following commands:

  • curl > trusat_priorities.txt
  • curl > trusat_all.txt

All the best,

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Not technically true - you could use your browser’s network inspector to find the request to the API endpoint when you clicked the download button, but that was not as simple as downloading is now.

It’s nice that I can just plug trusat_all.txt into stellarium and have it download the database.


Hi. This doesn’t belong here but … wondered what bbs software you are running your ops on here?