Join The New TruSat Discord Page

Hey Everyone! We’ve started a new TruSat Discord Page as a place to hold real-time conversation on the development of TruSat. Don’t worry - we’ll still be active on this forum! However, we were in need of an additional channel for quicker chat-like communications regarding the development of the project. If you’d like to join or follow the conversations around building TruSat, visit this link:

You can use Discord in your browser or install the desktop app. Let us know if you have any questions regarding how to use Discord!

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I joined and am using it as a web page. I can just leave and come back, there is not a “log out” or “log in” feature?

At the bottom left of the main page you can click on settings icon. The log out button is located on the bottom of the settings page.

As I said on Discord, I will lurk there at best. You need programming skills that I just don’t have.