Is there an app for this?

If a new person stumbles onto this page, they might think there is an app for this that gets uploaded to the TRUSAT system. It only makes sense that it might be one possible streamlined method for being a part of this Ethereum system.

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Hi @Scitech. Welcome to the community!

In short, we don’t yet have a mobile app to make observations. The smartphone app depicted in the video on the “Welcome” page is a representation of how accessible and seamless we aim to make the process of making and reporting satellite observations. We are exploring several avenues of utilizing ubiquitous consumer devices to automate and simplify the process as much as possible.

In the meantime, several smartphone apps such as Orbitrack and SkyView offer augmented reality features that take much of the manual work out of finding a satellite in the night sky. Those apps, paired with the low-light friendly camera function for newer smartphones, can be used in this workflow to make and submit observations.

(edited to include Orbitrack app)


Does SkyView include the SeeSat list? I use Orbitrack since it includes that list; Orbitrack happens to pull it’s list from N2YO and that just happens to include the SeeSat list. I started with Orbitrack since I had exchanged email with Tim DeBenedictis a number of times.

@CharlesHouston I don’t think the SkyView app includes classified, but the developer has a satellite-specific app called SkyView Satellite Guide. When I search their app for a few classified satellites, I’m seeing them listed.

And thanks for mentioning Orbitrack. I’m a big fan of that one myself. I edited my last response to include it.

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@mike I should have said “Does SkyView include the SeeSat list YET” since in our earlier conversation we said that it did not.

I will take a look at SkyView, its always good to see what options the various apps have.

In a related topic… I use GPredict to schedule tracking even though it is designed for RF users. I run it under High Sierra on my MacBook Pro and can add the SeeSat list easily, but on the Mac Mini (with Mojave) GPredict crashes when I try to add the SeeSat list. In the old days I would edit the data files under the Terminal, I am going to have to do that again. The Itinerary under SkyView sounds like what GPredict does for me today.

I have been SLOWLY working on Docker to get Satools running but it is slow going.


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